An interview with Jayant Sitaram Karve, Director and Chief Executive Officer of RCupe Lifesciences Private Limited

John Hoffmire: Tell me about your company, RCupe Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. Jayant: RCupe Lifesciences is a biomedical device start-up focused on developing, manufacturing, and commercializing innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs in emerging and other markets. Currently we are focused on a much needed ‘Ozyn-D™’, an indigenously developed, novel intraosseous (IO) device for pre-hospital and in-hospital critical care management. John: Tell me more about [...]

An interview With Dr. Mugdha Potnis-Lele Senior Manager – Social Innovations, Venture Center

John Hoffmire: What is the Venture Center? Mugdha: Venture Center is India’s award-winning, leading technology business incubator for science and technology startups. We offer entrepreneurs and startups the widest suite of incubation programs, services, resources, and facilities. With over 75 resident startups at any given time, we are one of India’s largest science business incubators. We support startups developing intellectual property intensive technologies, products, and services in [...]

Efficiently Measuring Progress Toward Poverty Alleviation

John Hoffmire: What did you have in mind that made you want to start Outline India? Prerna Mukharya - Good data leads to robust policy making. Before starting my journey with Outline India, I was a researcher working on grants with think tanks and universities. I realized that as a country we were receiving so much donor money, (philanthropic contributions and aid money), [...]

From humble beginnings to Jaffna’s favourite Palmyrah Boutique – Olai

Agriculture has always played a pivotal role in the development and economy of the little island of Sri Lanka. Its geographic location provides immense benefits in terms of the local climate and rich fertile soil.  While crop species that provide the world with tea, rubber and spices have stolen the economic spotlight, the potential of many of Sri Lankan’s other native flora [...]

Putting the Sri Lankan Startup Ecosystem on the Map with ICTA and Startup Genome

Over the past decade, the Sri Lankan startup ecosystem has come a long way. In the past, founders may have struggled to find funding, support, and guidance for their startups. Today, there’s a host of investors, accelerators, and other programmes eager to help young startups grow. Further, these efforts aren’t limited to Colombo, as seen by the likes of the Yarl IT [...]

Five social entrepreneurs to watch in India

When a problem surfaces, most people do nothing more than discuss it – sitting comfortably in the background, even if the issue affects them directly. Almost everyone has an opinion but only a few look for solutions. Even fewer decide to take on the challenge of building whole businesses and careers around not just the search for but the effective implementation of [...]

Yarl Geek Challenge developing products, developing services, developing people

2020 is the ninth year of the Yarl Geek Challenge. In every previous year YGC’s competition started with a 3 day hackathon held in Jaffna. In 2020, the year of COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, things have changed. The Hackathon will be entirely online via ZOOM, the internet video-conferencing service. With the new ZOOM format, the 3 day hackathon has evolved into [...]

Social Stock Exchange: Financing NGOs

The Government of India took the lead in proactively announcing the creation of a Social Stock Exchange (SSE) a year ago in July, 2019.  This is expected to produce a major shift in how social sector projects get funded and can prove to be a gamechanger for the sector, especially considering the post-Covid scenario.   While the current crisis has reaffirmed the need [...]

MAS Covid-19 Masks (based in Columbo, Sri Lanka)

One of the organizations that has sent us the biggest number of CRISP scholars is MAS (based in Columbo, Sri Lanka). MAS has presented CRISP Social Ventures with an opportunity to help your entities, protect the health of your fellow citizens, and involve yourselves in a project which could bring a number of you back in contact with one another. Above, you [...]

Switching to distance and e-learning: Too little, too late

Once again Yarl IT Hub made the news!  In a recent article in the Daily FT, Yarl IT Hub is mentioned as successful example and leader in the challenge of Sri Lanck switching to distance and e-learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are higlights from the article:  'In the long run however, it is imperative to increase possibilities for self-e-learning. COVID-19 I [...]

Shout out to CRISP Alumnus Dr Anthony Vipin Das

Hyderabad: TEDxHyderabad is happy to announce the first ever virtual edition of TEDxHyderabad. The theme of the virtual event is ‘Resilience’, exploring ideas and shining the spotlight on leaders that inspire us to remain positive in challenging times. The event will be held virtually on 24th May 2020. “We chose the theme ‘Resilience’ to celebrate the indomitable human spirit, we invite you [...]

How the coding accelerator in the Northern Province has evolved

When we first saw it, the initiative painted a positive picture of hope. One that offered the youth of the Northern Province, a chance to change their lives. Since then, Uki has evolved considerably having produced many graduates. Further, the initiative has expanded its footprint having opened a second branch to accept more students. Yet, as it evolved, the initiative continues to [...]