The CRISP cohort comprises of achievers in the science & innovation ecosystem. The cohort, supported by Oxford University and other stakeholders, got together to initiate CRISP Social Ventures India.

Our Mission is to pave the way towards a better, effective and sustainable future by promoting the key aspects of human resource that possess the ability to drive the economy.

CSVI promotes a two way development approach for entrepreneurs and/or growing social ventures.

Mentorship Program: The need for a mentorship program can be attributed to the changing work culture, the advancement in the field of technology and communication, the need for research & skill development and the need to integrate all these opportunities into a dynamic environment in which we can thrive. The differentiated factor in our program is the fact that our members are individuals of repute, scholars, associated with renowned organisations and institutions, with broad minds and vast knowledge of markets and the economies of the world. Who decides the potential of an idea when still at the initial stages? Working with experts, the potential of every idea can be measured and determined in order to drive its working toward a more advanced knowledge ecosystem. A successful project is determined with a sustainable idea.

Incubation Program: Incubation of Social innovation ideas, and taking such ideas to become sustainable businesses Incubation of potential ideas is a collaborative effort on the part of us at CRISP Social Ventures India along with the entrepreneurs and their ventures to create projects that are socially beneficial and scientifically advanced and sustainable. Read on to understand the life cycle of the ideas we have incubated.